Published 02/01/2018

ANIMO is my favorite word because it represents the positive traits of a leader and winner – commitment, dedication, desire, passion, spirit and HEART.

A person without ANIMO will never optimize their potential. I encourage all our young people to be good role models and do it with ANIMO!!

As a way to inspire others, I close all of my communications with the word ANIMO! It is a constant reminder for others and myself to live a legacy … a legacy forged in commitment, dedication, desire, passion, spirit and HEART.

My family decided to start a La Muneca Cattle Co & Friends ANIMO Award at the American Jr. Simbrah Round Up and at the All-American Jr. Brahman Shows. Our goal – to reward some great kiddos blessed with ANIMO who are helping others ahead of themselves.  These students are winners in life – far more important than any honors in a show ring.

Our first winner at the All-American Jr. Brahman Show was Megan Lambert.  Her attitude, performance and testimony inspired us and others to create The Brahman Foundation which in two short years has created over $100,000 in leadership, educational, scholarship and showmanship opportunities for hundreds of Jr. Brahman enthusiasts.  ANIMO inspires others to dream big, work hard and be the best they can be while empowering those who will follow in our footsteps.

Please remember these three sayings (1) No one has ever drowned in sweat, (2) The only place that SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary (3) the most famous ten two letter words: IF IT IS TO BE – IT IS UP TO ME!!!

I share this story to challenge others to do their part to change the world and make it a better place for all young people wanting to make something of themselves with hard work and lots of ANIMO!